Stichting Intercultural Church Plants is a registered charity (ANBI). Donations are tax deductable for the Dutch Tax Department. Below are all relevant details concerning the ANBI registration.

Stichting Intercultural Church Plants (ICP)
Lange Hilleweg 208
3073BX Rotterdam

RSIN: 818106347 (ANBI registration number)

KvK-nummer: 24416479 (Chamber of Commerce)

Statutory objective:
Equipping and training (existing) christian churches in planting intercultural communities and supporting existing projects, and exploit all useful means that contributes to this end.

Fred Kappinga, Chairman
Florence Tsala, Secretary
Jan Wessels, Treasurer
Zmnako Karem, Member

Board members do not receive payment for their duties. They have the right of reimbursement of expenses.
During 2018 Stichting ICP Nederland had two directors, two staff and three volunteers. The directors did not receive salary, only received reimbursement of expenses.

Policy plan: Visiedocument ICP 2019-2025 (in Dutch)

Reporting (in Dutch):

Report of activities 2019: Jaarverslag ICP 2019. Financial report: Financieel verslag 2019 – Stichting ICP
Report of activities 2018: Jaarverslag ICP 2018. Financial report: Financieel verslag 2018 – Stichting ICP
Report of activities 2017: Jaarverslag ICP 2017. Financial report: Financieel verslag 2017 – Stichting ICP