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Training for intercultural couples

Growing in intercultural communication A three-night training session for intercultural couples. An intercultural relationship is exciting but more complicated than a mono-cultural relationship!  If you don't work on bridging the cultural differences in your relationship,

Training for intercultural couples2021-04-28T14:39:09+02:00

Training day Songs2Serve: June12th

This year, Songs2Serve will go to the music teams! If you need band-coaching or want to learn specific rhythms and songs well, then you can ask the workshop leaders; they are ready to help. The

Training day Songs2Serve: June12th2021-01-19T18:24:21+02:00

Intercultural Pentecost Celebration

Pentecost is an intercultural feast par excellence. This year we offer the unique opportunity to celebrate it with many different cultures together. The ICP network of colorful churches will be hosting an online Pentecost service

Intercultural Pentecost Celebration2020-07-17T13:18:04+02:00

Netwerkdag voor pastors en pioniers (GEANNULEERD)

Vervolging, verleiding en verwarring. Het zijn gevaren die juist voor interculturele kerken gelden. Je krijgt te maken met roddel, manipulatie en tegenstand. Je vindt kwetsbare mensen en mensen op kwetsbare posities. En je zult regelmatig

Netwerkdag voor pastors en pioniers (GEANNULEERD)2020-03-26T14:38:00+02:00


Intercultural worship ICP wants to equip intercultural churches in the Netherlands to express their cultural diversity in worship before God. Each culture present can express themselves in the community meetings. John describes what that will


Network days

Twice a year ICP organizes a network day. One time exclusively for pioneer-pastors of the communities connected with us, the other time open for everyone interested in the theme. What we offer During the network

Network days2019-09-10T19:35:55+02:00

Intervision and coaching

Pastors and pioneers working on intercultural church planting will be faced with personal as well as professional challenges. Through small-group intervision and personal coaching, ICP can offer tools to adequately deal with these challenges. What

Intervision and coaching2019-09-10T19:33:05+02:00

Customized training

ICP is happy to visit you. If a team in the community needs extra support, we as ICP can offer customized training. In the past years, we have developed training about many subjects. What we

Customized training2019-09-19T19:00:21+02:00