Intercultural worship ICP wants to equip intercultural churches in the Netherlands to express their cultural diversity in worship before God. Each culture present can express themselves in the community meetings. John describes what that will


Network days

Twice a year ICP organizes a network day. One time exclusively for pioneer-pastors of the communities connected with us, the other time open for everyone interested in the theme. What we offer During the network

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Intervision and coaching

Pastors and pioneers working on intercultural church planting will be faced with personal as well as professional challenges. Through small-group intervision and personal coaching, ICP can offer tools to adequately deal with these challenges. What

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Customized training

ICP is happy to visit you. If a team in the community needs extra support, we as ICP can offer customized training. In the past years, we have developed training about many subjects. What we

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Summer camp

All communities connected with ICP can participate in a summer camp which is held once every two years: a midweek full of Bible study, meeting other communities, and relaxing. What we offer The next summer

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