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How do you make sure the community you lead becomes truly intercultural – a place of equal and mutual relationships? Worshipping God, forming small groups and leadership can be quite challenging in an intercultural faith community. 

Leaders have a need for recognition of their issues and for concrete how-to’s. They want to see examples of things that work and want to discover biblical principles that motivate them to continue to invest in the community.

The ICP network was founded to enable exchange, to pay attention to and to care for each other as leaders, in order to facilitate cooperation within the colourful Kingdom of God. We need each other.

ICP offers a variety of training and equipping resources, both locally, regionally and nationally. We focus on leaders in the church, from pastors and pioneers to small group leaders and musicians.

ICP facilitates an intercultural summer camp for connected churches, which is held every second year.

Do you want to grow as a true intercultural faith community? Ask ICP for advice, training or equipment. Use the blue button and we will contact you shortly to explore the options with you.

How ICP can train and equip you

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