Forming an intercultural faith community, is it possible at all? You might be dreaming of it or lying awake from it. Bringing people of many different backgrounds together around Jesus. It sounds attractive, but it seems impossible.

At ICP we believe in colourful churches. There is a lot of room for more initiatives like this in The Netherlands. We envision a community for every 10 thousand people with a migration background.

We are experienced in coaching and guiding new communities. Within the network of connected churches many important lessons have been learned that we like to share. Our team of expert-staff is ready to help you with thinking through and developing a local faith community for all people.

By becoming a partner in the ICP network, you will gain access to the many options of support we offer, such as advice, coaching and training. You will get in touch with other pioneers easily and benefit from the network activities we offer.

In short, forming more intercultural faith communities is not just possible, but even necessary. It can’t do without help and support, though. See below what we can offer you. And use the blue button so we can get in touch with you for a personal introduction.

How ICP helps you get started

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