Bring colour to the church

colour to the church

Bring colour

to the church

Bring colour
to the church

 ICP is called to the colourful kingdom of God
and therefore helps building intercultural faith communities across The Netherlands
through a network that deepens, strengthens and expands.


News and activities

Save the date:networking day 12 Feb ’22 

It will take a while, but on Saturday February 12, 2022, ICP is organizing a networking day for the entire network and anyone interested in intercultural church planting or building. This is the place to be for connection, inspiration and encouragement!  As part of our annual program 'ICP-connected', this network day will be filled with:  New and renewed contacts  Powerful worship  Inspiration and encouragement  Space to share and receive  Information on relevant

Why make it difficult when it can be easy: being an intercultural church 

Blog by Hans Euser   Being an intercultural church is far from easy. If you need God in anything, it is in living together with people who are different from you. “Heterogeneity is a provocation,” writes the French philosopher Foucault. “Why are you different? Can't you be like me? Am I not good enough sometimes?” Ethnic and economic diversity often leads to fear and distance. While in the church we strive for connection in love. How do we keep up

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The ICP – network of intercultural churches celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Read our anniversary magazine here.

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