Growing in intercultural communication

A three-night training session for intercultural couples.

An intercultural relationship is exciting but more complicated than a mono-cultural relationship!  If you don’t work on bridging the cultural differences in your relationship, it can lead to problems. It is advisable to think about this together. Find out how culture affects your relationship. Do you want to deal with your cultural differences more effectively? And build bridges where necessary? Then join this training!

Content of the training
We will grow in six steps towards intercultural sensitivity and communication skills. You become more effective in your interaction with your partner. The different steps in the learning process follow each other logically: knowledge, insight and reflection lead to recognition. You practice using what you have learned and grow together in more commonality. We discuss topics that often play a role, such as men/women roles and financial support for family.
The trainer
Corina Mushikangondo-van der Laan is experienced in intercultural communication, relationship counseling and training in intercultural marriage pastoral care. She lived in Africa for 13 years and has been with her husband Claude from Congo for over 16 years; he supports the training from his own experience.

The training is offered twice this season.  The English course is on 8 May, 15 May and 29 May.

Costs and registration
The training consists of three evenings and can be followed online via ZOOM. The costs are € 75,00 per couple. Two of the six steps are discussed every night. With each step there is an introduction of 5 to 10 minutes. You do one or two exercises with your partner to apply what you have learned. We also learn from each other’s experience. There’s a lot of room for questions and discussion.

More information: app Corina on 06-28812666

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