Two-year ICP training for teams

Who and how?

1. A preparatory day

2. Four training weekends

3. Monthly coaching

4. Access to a database

ICP Two-year training

Experiences of others

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René Visser

Participant in 2018-2019 with his team from KenHem Ede

"Team training has become an indispensable part of our equipment in recent years. We have learned many great lessons. The subjects fitted exactly into the issues we were working on as a leadership team."

Arie van Leeuwen

Team leader missionary workers Gave and participant of the training in 2019-2021

“We follow the ICP team training with our people from the Intercultural missionary work of Stichting Gave. The weekends are well taken care of. There is time for teaching, for praise & worship as well as plenty of opportunity to spend time together as a team. A number of key words that describe these weekends are: topical, educational, inspiring, enriching and intercultural.”

Where and when?